SINIMI® Black Soya Bean Solid Drink Powder


It's a qualified product using special selected black bean and extrcacts from vegatables & fruites, it can balance the endocrine, absorb grease and bowel detoxification, then go towards to improving skin, losing weight and enhancing physical fitness.

Ingredients: Bean germ, black bean, vigitables & fruits powder, lactose, maltodextrin, apple pectin
Function: bowel detoxification, skin improvement.
Suitable for: Middle and aged people
Packing: 5g*16 bags
Shelf life: 24 months
Storage: Under cool & dry place.
  • a
  • Natural detoxification guard
  • Black bean can blance enteral bacterias, and bean germ can promote intestinal peristalsis.

  • Medicine food
  • Black bean is not only a food, but also a traditional Chinese medicine, has the fuction of bowel detoxification.

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